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Join us at Hub City Aviation for the most innovative and exciting educational experience of your life! Hub City Aviation offers three (3) Private Ground Schools each year with start dates in January, June, and September. Instrument/Commercial ground schools are also held each fall.

Private classes are held each Wednesday evening from 6PM-9PM in the Spring and Fall term and on Monday and Wednesday evenings in the summer term.


Instrument Rating classes are held each Monday evening in the fall term from 6PM-9PM.

Each of our courses is held in cooperation with South Plains College Department of Workforce Development. Each course is FAA Approved and is taught under Air Agency Certificate HB3S182K.

At the conclusion of the ground course each student will be prepared to take the FAA written exam.  The exam may be taken in the Hub City Aviation CATS testing center.

The cost of each class is $300.00. The cost of the textbook and supplies are not included with the course fee.

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